JSC „Art Glacio“ was established 2013. For today the company is known and loved for making ice creams not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. JSC “Art Glacio” is a viable, dynamically growing company. We have produced high quality ice cream and frozen desserts. Concentrating only on the production of ice cream and the high requirements of the main customer determines the quality and exceptional taste of the ice cream. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards while preserving traditional techniques. New ice cream recipes are being created and the traditional ones cherished. All the ingredients and packaging materials are carefully selected from reliable supliers and they have to meet the highest requirements. To company uses the state – of – art equipment for ice cream production specially adapted for producing ice cream in traditional wafer cups, cones, bowls or stick. Nearly 93 % of the produce of Art Glacio is exported abroad, the markets are: the other Baltic States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro. The production base is located in the south-west of the country, 60 km from the Polish border. The international VIA BALTICA highway that connects the countries of Western Europe and the Baltic States runs just 30 km away from the plant. The Klaipėda Seaport, the largest port in the Baltic States, is located 220 km from the production base. It offers freight transportation services to the world.